C.S.R.T. is your full service IT consulting agency. Our comprehensive vendor management services will save you thousands of dollars while increasing performance at the same time!

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Every C.S.R.T client receives a FREE consultation and vendor service audit. This ensures that you are getting the lowest possible rates for all of your technology services.

Line of Business Applications

We support all line of business applications including quick books, office, dynamics CRM, mas90, mas200, EMR, EHR, PACS systems for DICOM imaging, Inventory Management Systems, and much more. We offer timely solutions, support and consulting for pre-sales questions. With our line of business applications either as a service or included in our I-Complete Managed Solution you will get the support and the information you need at a fraction of what you would pay for support contract from an existing vendor.

Telecom & Internet Service Providers

This is one of our most valuable tools we provide to our clientele. We will save you money, increase productivity, reduce overhead and boost performance. With C.S.R.T. you will not have to wonder if you are getting the best telecom rates for your business telephone service because we will make sure that you are getting the best prices available. After your company’s FREE service audit you will know exactly where you can save the most money. We can save our clients over 80% on their outside services. How is this possible? With C.S.R.T. as your complete IT consulting solution you can save thousands because we understand what the telecom and internet service providers offer. We are able to find and negotiate the absolute best deals possible! One of our clients was able to save over 12,000.00 a year through our professional and strategic negotiating.

Company Website Maintenance

The question we often hear is “I need to do maintenance on my website” or “I need to upgrade my site”. Your company’s website needs maintenance and periodic upgrades just like a computer, cell phone or server. There are always software upgrades that occur, new releases, new promotions, and changes in service that you need to advertise over the internet. Without continued website maintenance you will fall behind the curve and your business cannot afford to be behind the competition. The problem we hear frequently is “we know we need a new website but have no idea where to start.” The solution is let us re-build and or maintain your company’s website ensuring your company’s success.


We have found a significant amount of wasted money in copier contracts and the service agreements attached to them. In July, 2011 our team was able to reduce a company’s cost per paper from .22 per copy down to .04 a copy! This reduction in cost saved the company over 5000.00 a year! Copiers are no longer service nightmares, instead they are moment of notice service opportunities and with our on staff experts we can handle all service or repair issues at a fraction of the cost!

Phone Systems

Still using the plain old telephone system (pots for short) for the traditional communication? We can integrate all of you phones into an easy to use phone system platform that will improve performance, increase communication and reduce costs. One of the most frequently asked question we hear is that our clients would love to eliminate the handsets that sit on their desks. Their employees work in front of a computer and have to stop working to answer the phone which costs them time and money. Our state of the art phone systems can eliminate this cumbersome process and increase productivity while reducing overhead.