Our experienced computer repair technicians will repair everything from a home PC problem, recovering lost data, screen replacement, and virus removal to a large business network failure. We provide reliable, timely, and affordable computer repair services from large projects to laptop repair.

Computer Repair Portland Oregon

Business Computer Repair Services Include:

  • Business Computer Repair
  • Business Laptop Repair
  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal
  • Network Repair
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Software Training

Whether you need to boost your computer’s performance, new hardware installed on a laptop, or a blazing fast network for your business call C.S.R.T. today.

We Meet Or Beat ALL Competitors!

Business Computer Repair

C.S.R.T. will fix your computer, recover any lost data and restore your computer to better than original condition. Out team of knowledgeable computer repair technicians can fix any computer .

Business Laptop Repair

Whether your computer screen is not working or your battery wont charge, our knowledgeable laptop repair technicians will diagnose and repair your laptop. Our professional laptop repair technicians will fix any problem you have from laptop screen replacement, data recovery, touchpad replacement and hard drive repair to memory upgrades, virus removal and DC jack repair.

Virus Removal

Is your computer not running like it use to? Are the popups becoming unbearable? Have our experienced local computer repair technicians take a look at it, we can remove any virus and make it run like it’s brand new! Don’t take it to a shop where they just run a program and hope for the best, here at C.S.R.T. , we’ll meticulously remove your virus and your problems and leave only satisfaction.

Network Setup & Repair

If you are having network issues call C.S.R.T. computer repair today and we will fix all your network problems. Our experienced Portland computer repair technicians can setup and repair any network from a wireless home network to a enterprise office network with hundreds of computers.

Computer Upgrades

C.S.R.T. makes upgrading your computer easy. We can upgrade anything from memory capacity, video cards, processors, to motherboards and power supplies. Turn your old computer into a new machine that will give you the ability to work faster, download more and produce results!

Software Training

C.S.R.T. offers training courses in all things computer related. We offer Basic Computer Training, Operating System Training for Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac, Network Training, Computer Hardware Training and more. For more information about computer training please contact us directly.