Loosing data is one of the worst things that can happen. We offer affordable data recovery options if you are unable information when your computer or hard drive fails. All of that hard work down the drain and trying to recover data through a manufacturer is expensive and can take several weeks at best.
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  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Backup & Data Storage
  • Same Day Virtualization
  • Data is Secure in Three Places
  • Automatic Nightly Offsite Transfer
  • Backup Verification and Reporting
  • 24×7 Monitoring for Backup Failure

We will recover all of your lost data and restore your computer to better than original condition. In many cases we can recover data on location in a matter of minuets!

Fully Automated Backup/Recovery Technologies

Enterprise-class business continuity

C.S.R.T. goes beyond merely backing up your data; we offer enterprise-class business continuity. With time objectives of restoring business processes or recovering data as low as 15 minutes, you stand to maintain near-continuity in the event of disasters or catastrophic IT failures. Our data centers feature faithful failover servers that virtualize all your operations so your business continues to be up and running. Email, web, and everything else your organization depends upon remain live, staying true to the most recent image taken. To add certainty to safety, our bare metal restoration feature allow for easy adaptability to dissimilar hardware configurations or virtual servers, as required. What’s more, we even replicate the backup chain offsite to ensure multiple levels of redundancy; something that allows more sighs of relief out there. No tapes to be found here.

Continuous & Reliable Data Archiving

Backups that are authentic to your mission-critical data

Forget the days of block-level replication or tape recovery. We ensure reliable backups that are authentic to your mission-critical data. With the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm we employ, you can also be certain your data remains immune from any intrusions or leaks. Snapshots taken every 15 minutes, not intervals of hours or every day, maintain the sort of continuity organizations depend on these days. Even application recovery is made easy with SQL, SharePoint, or AD databases backed up without any additional agents. Email, anyone? All the mailboxes, profiles, and messages constituting your Exchange server data is protected, so in the event of a server failure or deleted email accidents, there will be no excuses needed for disruptions in vital communication.

Maintain & Monitor Data Protection

Testing and service without impact to your business operations

Detailed: Our solutions feature full, interactive testability of your backup/disaster recovery plan effortlessly, while having no impact on your operations. Virtual machine testing is vital for testing continuity strategies without creating any hiccups in your production environment, so you know what works for you and does so to your satisfaction. Our virtual test environment, or sandbox network, prevents any disruptions to your enterprise productivity or operations while you update software, change configurations, and test patches. Want to migrate servers without any downtime or reconfiguration? Our virtual migration bridge ensures the easiest way yet to transfer server images without any outages and provides complete restoration of functionality and configuration settings. Want quick access to your backup, virtualization, and recovery information? Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface helps manage your entire backup infrastructure, providing tools, detailed reporting, and alerts for all levels of administrative and user access you require.