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C.S.R.T. provides I-Complete Solutions for every business small, medium or large

Our I-Complete Solution process will help you better understand sectors that need improvement, potential growth opportunities and areas to increase profitability. With our I-Complete Solutions you can reduce cost and increase profitability. We will provide you with a FREE consultation and initial analysis of your company’s infrastructure.

Technology Consulting

Active Directory

Windows Active Directory requires experience to configure efficiently across an enterprise. Northwest Computer Support’s Microsoft certified consultants are experts in designing, deploying and troubleshooting complex Microsoft Active Directory (Microsoft AD) installations. Areas of expertise include design, development, troubleshooting, migration, and maintenance.


C.S.R.T. is one of the premier email consulting firms in Portland, Oregon. Our email services include email exchange assessment, POP3 migration, email exchange upgrades, migration to more reliable hosted email exchange systems, advanced analysis and troubleshooting.

Infrastructure & Storage

With infrastructure and storage IT consulting services from Northwest Computer Support, your business will achieve maximum performance for minimum investment. Our infrastructure and storage services include: storage design and deployment, backup and archive solutions, infrastructure design, server consolidation, and business continuity management.

Network Design

Our IT consulting services team utilizes a “best practices” approach to network design. First, we assess your bandwidth needs and perform a comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW maps out the entire project, so you know exactly what to expect in terms of cost and timeframe for deployment. Next, our expert IT consultants validate designs against business needs and equipment capabilities. Senior project managers use their experience to make sure we exceed your expectations. Throughout the project, progress is checked to make sure your business objectives are being met.


By separating storage from the systems it serves, consolidation makes it easy to scale storage or server processing power as your needs change. You’ll be able to make more effective use of existing server platforms and reduce the number of servers necessary to support operations. Our storage consolidation solutions have helped our clients eliminate overlapping hardware and software functionality and reduce their server requirements by 50% or more. This kind of consolidation lowers costs for hardware, energy consumption and server software.

Technology Solution Engineering

We host and virtualize your entire enterprise, from operating systems and applications to user profiles, leaving you the simple task of connecting with an internet connection. No need for IT staff, wasting time or downtime with upgrades, updates, installs, or patches. Sit and connect from anywhere. Ideally, for maximum benefit, you employ a thin client; a micro-PC terminal that is built to save you cost, power, space, and maintenance. Your applications run faster, your data is consistently backed up, and your environment is always available, 24/7. Your desktop awaits you with a click of a button; engage all your software and data from a high-availability, high-security environment that can easily deploy any application you need in no time. Your user experience is fully customizable, fully your own and follows you with your login. What’s more, by taking advantage of powerful workgroup features and the potential of Office 365, your teams can collaborate more effectively from just about any location. This is truly the next generation of computing, where your IT infrastructure adapts to your needs at the speed of business.

Project Management & Onsite Implementation

When was the last time you reviewed the state of your technology? Do you have a plan in place for future growth? Our comprehensive IT plan will help you better understand project management and onsite implementation for your current situation and prepare you and your company for the future. Our engineers and consultants can help you achieve both of those objectives. Our I-Discovery Process is a comprehensive analysis of the state of your company from an IT standpoint. I-Discovery is tailored to your specific business, and evaluates 22 distinct areas of your organization, and how they are affected by technology.

The I-Discovery Process

Evolution 1: The Interview

This in-depth interview is typically held at your location and includes an engineer from ARRC Technology, your appropriate department managers and IT staff, and includes reviews of your IT infrastructure, security, networking and communication. The time required for the interview varies with the complexity of your organization.

Evolution 2: Compilation

C.S.R.T. formalizes reviews and interprets the information obtained during the interview.

Evolution 3: Status Report

You receive a detailed report from C.S.R.T. on the current status of your infrastructure and technology, along with our recommendations for scalability, productivity and efficiency improvements.

Proof of Concept Lab Testing

We transforming ideas into reality. Once a solution is designed, your organization may require a Proof of Concept (POC). Budgets, timetables, and careers may be at stake as technologies are chosen and committed to. Proper integration of hardware, operating systems, and applications becomes essential, as does the performance of the entire solution working together. a newly-integrated solution may not fit into the production or development process of an organization, C.S.R.T. provides a Proof of Concept Lab at no charge. The Proof of Concept Lab has a constant rotation of equipment as client organizations take full advantage of the facilities.